Our team dynamically, since 2016, collaborating with luxury boat rental offices but also privately, serves fares in Greek and European waters as well as individual appointments by arrangement in marinas of the Attica basin and beyond.

Εach member of the team consists of graduates of aesthetics or physiotherapists with grade experience from 5 - 15 years and with knowledge of English.

Each of us has a common goal of customer service, absolute confidentiality and discretion (sealed by private agreements), courtesy and quality of wellness services to your guests.

Wellness Menu

It relaxes the entire muscular system, improves the quality of sleep and increases energy. From the first session you will feel relieved of stress and rejuvenated enjoying the rest of your day.

The application of Deep Tissue is based on a combination of technical movements with the palms, fingers and elbows. Through pressure and stretching, a beneficial effect is caused on the whole body.

Facial massage is the perfect alternative for those who want something short to relax. The facial massage starts from the shoulders and the neck, performs specialized movements on the face area and ends on the scalp.

This massag improve lymphatic circulation to treat problems such as cellulite, swelling and fluid retention. The method used is Dr. Emil Vodder and aims to improve the natural mobility of the lymphatics.

The cellulite massage involves a very intense massage session and is applied to the legs, calves, arms and wherever else cellulite appears.

Is a deep massage that is combined with hand massage and is carried out with bamboo sticks. It is an ideal method for physical relaxation and smooth energy flow.

Impressive ocean shells are transformed into massage assistants that relieve muscle pain and remove anxiety and stress in a unique way. Unrepeatable relaxing experience takes you through the waves and sensations.

The pouches are heated in the special device and placed directly on the recipient's skin. Their application immerses the body in deep relaxation and eliminating all tension and stress.

Wellness On Board became the Winner of luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Category of Luxury Experience in Greece.

Our Popular Therapies

Excellence in terms of quality materials and adhere to the protocol of treatments and hygiene and cleanliness with strictly disposable supplies.

Luxury face treatment with real Saphirs and Pearl extract. Gives brightness and glow to the skin while it moisturizes and helps to improve the appearance and texture.

Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece!

Enjoy the luxury of gold on your face!

Rejuvenates the skin by increasing skin elasticity, softens the wrinkles and leaves the skin bright shiny and fully renewed.

"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" - Marilyn Monroe.

Active care with real diamonds extract proteins and amino acids, pure silk offering the skin deep moisturizing antioxidant protection and firming.

The Caribbean is very close!

Pampering yourself with pearl extract and Ryzasol (rice proteins). Nourishes the skin and causes tightening and improving skin texture.

Manifesto luxury!

Beaches and sea combined together to a luxurious body treatment with 24k gold and ginger which offers rich hydration, firming and silky softness.

Sea and TherapyThe beneficial elements of plants and rich mineral elements relieve your skin from dead cells offering relaxation oxygenation firming and nutrition. A complete treatment to travel to the most remote seas

Professional makeup artists will take care of you to bring out the most beautiful side of yourself.

-Bridal make up

-Night out make up

-Photography make up

Treatments for our little friends based on pure ingredients and massage for restful sleep and carefree play

Exclusive high-end fitness service for sea destinations, and aims to maintain physical, psychological and spiritual wellness during your holidays